November 05, 2012

The Agenda This Week

There are a lot of important things being recorded in our agenda this week and to avoid any confusion, I thought I'd write a post about some of the key events this week. 

  • The Morning Jumpstart is written in the agenda every night. If the child finishes it during class, they are asked to write, "done" next to it 
  • Picture packages came home on Monday 
  • The candy drive continues at our school
  • Interview forms come home on Tuesday, please complete and return by Friday 
  • The Math test came home for review/signing on Monday
  • The boys and girls have a POTW presentation on Friday 
  • There will be no POTW test this week 
  • My class and Mrs. Linse's class are delivering the Remembrance Day Liturgy on Friday at 9:30 -students will receive their readings on Tuesday-they do not have to memorize them
  • On Tuesday, the boys and girls will bring home their Writer's Notebook, please review and sign their feedback on their Reading Response Letter for The Lotus Seed 


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