November 28, 2012

Weekend With Wendell

We read this fantastic story today!  A Weekend With Wendell is all about thee worst house-guest ever! 
The boys and girls are working on an RRWE (Reading Response With Evidence). We completed our first one yesterday as a class (Fly Away Home)and for this task, the students are writing their responses with a partner. Next time, the boys and girls will write their's all on their own. We call this the "Gradual Release of Responsibility". We take our time getting familiar with the expectations of the activity and then it can be completed more effectively when the time comes to do it on our own. It's a lot like learning how to ride a bike, first you start with a tricycle, then training wheels, then a little help from mom or dad and then you're on your own!  

For this RRWE, the students are asked to identify how Wendell is a difficult house-guest.  There is plenty of evidence in the story and the kids should have no trouble with this task.  

As the students' confidence grows, the tasks will become more challenging and we will move away from literal questions such as this one and to those of a more open ended nature involving higher level interpretations of the text.     


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