January 21, 2013

A Math Update

We are moving nicely through our Data Management Unit. Our focus over the last few days has been on pictographs. 
Students have learned that: 

  • a pictograph displays information using symbols instead of numbers
  • each symbol represents a specific number or amount
  • when creating a pictograph, we must also creat a key or legend 
  • when only half the symbol is displayed, it means just half the amount (as per the key) is represented. So if one happy face represents 4 people, then half a happy face represents 2 people
  • when creating your pictograph, it's best to stick with one symbol representing an even number  
  • there will be times when we are asked to interpret pictographs where one symbol represents an odd number, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it 
  • your ruler is a very important tool when creating pictographs (or an graph for that matter) 
  • the biggest mistake students make when interpreting data from pictographs is to count each item displayed as "one" and ignore the key 
  • we use surveys and polls to ask questions and then create different kinds of graphs such as pictographs, to display this information 


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