January 22, 2013

A quick message

Our day ended differently than usual. I attended an in-school workshop and left one little nugget out of my day plans for my Substitute Teacher: "remind the kids to pack their Practice Page book." 

If your child forgot to bring their book home tonight, not to worry, they can bring it tomorrow and complete it then. 

Now as parents, you could really have some fun with this tonight.  Surely there are chores around the house that could be done with those extra 20 minutes that the kids will now have.  ;) 

On a different note, my Supply teacher called my class her "dream class" in the little note she left me tonight.  Isn't that a great way to end my day?  But still, 20 minutes is 20 minutes, so get out there kids and fold that laundry, vacuum that rug, make that lunch! Move, move, move!  

But seriously...thanks for being my dream class too kids. I'm one very lucky teacher. 


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