January 23, 2013

Math Update

We had a short quiz today around pictographs and interpreting the data. I'm pleased to share that just about everyone scored perfect!  The most common mistake was mis-counting the data or not paying attention to the key (so in this case, counting one cupcake as one cupcake rather than 4) 
We also completed a partner activity where students had to create a bar graph using the data from a poll I took. The data collected was all about the unique pets of students at our school.  Students had to use my data to generate their own bar graph that followed all the expectations they've been taught:  

  • three titles
  • all words begin with a capital 
  • scale is clearly indicated 
  • data is represented correctly based on the survey results
  • the whole thing looks smart and easy to read
I added one twist to the task: students were not allowed to use a scale of "one box = one pet". Most kids went with a scale of two. So when it came time to chart 5 pets on the graph, they had to problem solve. I'm pleased that all students were able to solve this problem on their own.  Just one thing we needed to work on and that's making sure we colour the bars neatly.  If we don't stay in the lines, especially when going vertically, it can lead to a misrepresentation of the data.  


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