December 03, 2015

Non-Fiction Article of the Week

For the next three or so weeks, the boys and girls will receive a non-fiction article of the week to read at night. This week's article is all about our Friday lunch show, Full House.  

Our test on Friday will be all about the article and how the features of the text help readers to find information. The test will look a little different than what students have become used to. The focus is less on word study and more on content and the text format.  

In addition to learning new information and exploring a different type of text, the non-fiction texts will assist the students in developing their reading fluency. 

Our goal is to read aloud so that our reading sounds like natural speech. Another goal of this focus on non-fiction reading is for students to make text-to-world connections to age-appropriate materials.  

When we focus on teaching children how to read non-fiction or informational texts, we help them develop life-long skills. These are skills that help them not only understand the information being presented, but how to use text features to help find exactly what their looking for. 

Over the coming weeks, we'll revisit our talks about the text features of non-fiction writing: 

  • captions
  • charts
  • cut-away diagrams and illustrations 
  • descriptions
  • diagrams
  • directions
  • drawings
  • glossary 
  • graphs
  • headings
  • index
  • labels
  • lists
  • maps
  • photos
  • procedures
  • table of contents
  • title
  • bold print 


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