January 23, 2013

Social Studies Update

We took a trip to a pioneer home today! The boys and girls learned all kinds of interesting facts. Some are more diner table appropriate than others.

Some of the more interesting facts covered were: 

  • churning butter was a great punishment for naughty kids
  • a yolk was used to fetch water
  • most pioneer families had many, many children (they weren't all like the Duggars, but they came close). 
  • most homes had a sick room near the front of the house where the doctor could visit the ill family member without spreading any germs he was carrying from other patients around the home
  • teachers...those poor teachers: no jewelry, no nail polish, no lipstick, no fun.  Oh, and they often lived with their students for months at a time! Can you imagine? 
  • chamber pots were a pioneer's best friend in the middle of the night
  • outhouses are...well, let's just say we talked about the lack of indoor plumbing 
  • your sheep needed to be protected from wolves
  • flax was used to make linen
  • wool was used to make sweaters, rugs, blankets, etc.  
  • since there were no thermostats on the fire, a pioneer woman shoved her hand in and could gauge whether or not the temperature was right for baking 
  • salt was a great way to preserve meat (I can feel my rings getting tight just thinking about this one)
  • while the pioneers had things like checkers, marbles and dolls to play with, they also had a lot of toys that were really just "watching toys". They were fun for only a few minutes.  
So there you have it! Quite a number of interesting facts to fill that Social Studies journal, wouldn't you say?  

Our next lesson is all about how Maple Syrup was made!
Kids can have a hoot watching this video!  
Be sure to watch part two as well. It usually comes up next to this link. 


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