January 23, 2013


Any kids online tonight? 
Can you figure out what this poor fella has done wrong? We're going to talk about this chart tomorrow in class. I'll give you a hint: it's the most common mistake made when interpreting pictograph data. 


  1. Hi Mrs.M, I was with my sister on your blog and she helped me with the question and our answer was that the yelling guy didn't look at the key AND the key was 1 heart represents 2 kids but instead of counting by 2's he counted by 1's. Shame on him. ( My sister is pointing out many mistake's I'm making on the comment your student Isabella also known as Maggie!

  2. Thank you for working so hard Maggie! You figured it out! He's going to have a real problem on his hands on Valentine's Day when he doesn't have enough chocolates to give out!

  3. YUP he is i think his girlfriends are gonna be disapionted ooooooooooh.from Isabella



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