January 30, 2013

What works one year, doesn't always work the next

So we're working away on our paragraphs this afternoon in Writer's Workshop. I look around the room and I'm not seeing enthusiasm. I'm not seeing spark. I'm not used to this level of ho-hum from this crew.  
They're not into it.  
The writing topics that were a hit last year are not working this year.  
You'll recall from yesterday's post that we're focusing on thinking about the questions our reader might have about a topic of choice.  Many kids were successful today in generating questions the reader might have about their topic, but I could tell they weren't excited about it. They need to be excited about it.  

Parents, would you please let your student know that tomorrow, I'll share new topics to choose from.  Those kids who were happy with what they created yesterday and today are welcome to keep their work, but if your student is looking to change, they'll have the opportunity to do so.  

If a writer is not enthusiastic or passionate about their topic, it's not fun, it doesn't produce great quality work and it's rarely creative. 

So hopefully tomorrow everyone will feel more inspired!  


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