February 01, 2013

My email policy

I want to remind parents and families that on January 13, 2013, my email policy changed and I announced that I would no longer communicate with parents and families via email and this includes any other electronic format such as texting. Comments that respect the Comment Policy are always welcome on the blog.  

Please do not email me. After a lot of experience and consideration, it is not a form of communication I find appropriate for parents and teachers. Regardless of the message that needs to be communicated, it is not the way I want to exchange information concerning my students and I am asking that parents respect this. Other teachers may find it convenient and appropriate, I do not.

My focus, as always is to be the very best teacher I can be to my students and in order to do so,  I need to make the best use of my time both in the classroom and outside of school hours.  I would appreciate your support in this matter and ask that if you have information to share with me you call me at the school, write a note in the agenda or arrange a meeting with me.  


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