February 08, 2013

Snow Day!

Have a great day today gang! 

Please remember to bring your 100 little snack goodies in a small Ziploc or container for our party on Thursday.  Remember to choose a nut-free item and to use the glove that you were given yesterday at school by the Student of the Day. We'll mix it all up and enjoy our treat at our Valentine Party.  

With the Snow Day today, this means our 100th day of school is now Tuesday.  

See you on Monday!  


  1. It looks like wearing our Pajamas inside-out works. I wish I had known that trick when I was in school!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I think you're right Mrs. C! The kids all promised they would do it yesterday and it looks like it did indeed pay off for them! My brother's hockey team is also hoping it will help them win tonight!!!



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