February 12, 2013

We love our families!

With Valentine's Day this week it seems the perfect time of year to talk about the love that surrounds us all. 

We are having a week long conversation about the love our families give us and how the love and support of our families can see us through anything. We talked today about the three most important people to us: our mothers, fathers and God.  We also talked about how as we get older, our family circle widens to include siblings, extended family and perhaps one day, a spouse of our own. 

If you haven't had a chance to send your family photo yet (as mentioned in this post ) would you please do so by Wednesday February 13th at 5:00pm?  I want to do something special for the boys and girls for Valentine's day and need your help. 

As I mentioned in the original post, if I don't receive a photo for each child, I won't be able to create this special surprise for my students.  It just wouldn't be right.     


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