March 20, 2013

A Personal Post

Yesterday, I posted about how I want my students to understand that when they play by the rules, do their best and use their manners, anyone that loves and cares about them will always give them the break they deserve if they make a mistake.  

Who would have thought that the very next day, I'd need that "break".  My husband was in a car accident this morning.  It was very minor but at the time of his phone call, I didn't know this and I panicked.  

By the time the students entered the classroom, I was well entrenched in all the phone calls that need to be made at a time like this. I told my students what had happened and that I needed a few minutes to check in with my husband again and make sure everything was okay.  

It was about five minutes that I needed, but it meant the world to me that they were so willing to help me.  They understood that the day would start a little differently than usual and that they needed to work independently, without my assistance for a few minutes.  

I can't tell you how proud and grateful I am to have such a compassionate and kind-hearted group of students to spend my day with.  

Those five extra minutes helped me in many ways. Not only did I learn that my husband was indeed okay and got important questions answered, I was reminded that when we ask for help,understanding or forgiveness from others who love, respect and care for us, we receive it.  It's heartwarming to think that just yesterday I told my students they could count on this from me and here we are a day later and I've received it from them.  

Sometimes you have to look hard to find a silver lining in a difficult situation. 

It was easy today. 


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