March 06, 2013

And now it all comes together!

  • We've learned about using webs to help us keep our writing on topic.
  • We've learned about adding plusses and interesting details.
  • We know all about trash or treasure details.
  • We know five great hooks that will grab our reader's attention and make them excited about our work.
  • We know how to end our paragraphs in a way that links back to the main idea.

So now it's time to write!  

We're currently working on using all our skills learned during our Writer's Workshop to write a paragraph about one of our favourite topics:  Full House!  As part of Fun Friday, we watch Full House during lunch time and the boys and girls are asked to choose their favourite character and write a great paragraph using all their newly acquired skills. 

It's not quite as easy as it sounds, as we're finding, but we are off to a very enthusiastic start! 


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