March 26, 2013

Our Class Library

I have over 1000 books in my Class Library and thanks to your generous support of the Scholastic Book Order, I am able to add new titles to it all the time.  
Students are always welcome to sign out a book or two for the night using our Class Sign-Out book.  
I've noticed that in the last two weeks, interest in signing out books has gone down. What's a book lovin' gal to do?  Well, I made a commercial. Judging by Mr. M's reaction, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who finds this animation utterly hysterical, but I'm sharing it anyways.  
The kids thought it was kinda funny too and I hope you get a kick out of it. Seriously, how can you not laugh at the boy classmate blowing kisses at the beginning of the video? 
Please encourage your child to sign out the books as often as they like. As long as the books are returned each day, they can be signed out as often as a child wishes.  


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