March 18, 2013

We know all about loopholes!

A teacher blogger I follow said that her Grade One students love books by Jan Thomas. She says her students find them positively hilarious and since I always recommend that my students practice their reading fluency by reading super-easy books aloud, I thought I'd see if our Library has any of her books.

We took a coffee break from our work today and read the story called, Is Everyone Ready For Fun? and we loved it!  We must track down more of her books!  

A few weeks ago a student had asked me about the meaning of the word loophole and I did my best to explain it to him and the other children that were around at the time. As soon as we read the first few pages of this story, we knew what the characters were up to and that made this funny story even more enjoyable to share together. The characters in this story have found a way around the "don't jump on the couch rule". 

It's so rewarding to explain something to a child and then weeks later, have it resurface and have the same child identify the very skill/question/concept and explain it to their classmates.

We're definitely going to keep our eyes open for more Jan Thomas books!   


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