April 03, 2013

Can I brag for a moment here?

As their "Mom at school", can I have a few minutes to brag about "my kids"?  

Let me tell you how fabulous my class is.  

First, the backstory.

This year I have been invited to participate in a number of Board projects and activities. This has meant I have been away for a half-day workshop here and there.  Every single supply teacher that comes to my room leaves me a little note/Valentine telling me how much they enjoyed my students and their time in my room. 
In fact, yesterday's guest referred to my kids as "a dream class".  And they are.  

Today was a culminating task-day for this Math project I have been a part of since the Fall. A colleague and I co-planned a lesson together and then taught it.  In all, we had three different guest teachers in our room today.  One to cover for me while I co-planned, my colleague,with whom I taught the lesson and then another teacher who joined later in the afternoon for a visit.  


Everyone went on (and on and on) about how polite, independent, funny, kind, respectful, smart, and engaged my students are and I wanted to share this wonderful news with you. 

I love sharing these sorts of stories with you because it reaffirms what I have said before:  Your children are such wonderful representatives of you all and your hard work.  

Your dream children make up my dream class.  

With appreciation and respect, 

"Mom"  ;) 


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