April 05, 2013

It was a quiet day today

Did you ever think you'd read those words on THIS blog? I know!  
It was a quiet one though. We had that Math test this afternoon and I was reminded of why I never do Math tests on Fridays.  Ugh. But in this case, I think it was beneficial for everyone to have that extra night to prepare given it was a short week. I was happy to spend the time yesterday reviewing with the gang so they could feel really confident about the test. 

The boys and girls worked so hard this afternoon on that test and so far, the results look great.  But man oh man, was it quiet in here!  Our Fridays are usually loud and full of laughter.  I suppose today will make us all appreciate next week's Fun Friday even more (especially this gal!). 

Oh my. 
I just thought of something...do you realize next week is week 29? Do you realize I have a mere 11 weeks left with this fantastic crew of kids?  I will warn you now...these last ten or so weeks fly by. Fly. By. It's unbelievable. 

We still have lots to learn and many, many great memories to make but we're going to be into single digits week-wise and that still stuns me. Doesn't it seem like we just got started?  Doesn't it seem like just last month or so that I was introducing myself and telling you all about my dog?  

How is this possible that we are here, about to start Week 29 and I'm still playing that game with myself where I say, "We have all kinds of time left to do xyz."  So what do you do?  Well, we make the most of our time together. We continue to work hard and in a few more weeks, I start talking about how to be successful in Grade Four with my kids.  

See this is what happens when we have quiet Fridays! Mrs. M has too much time to think!  LOL! 


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