May 22, 2013

Funniest Moment of the Day

This is the conversation I had with one Boy Classmate as I was dismissing the boys and girls today.  Let's call him "B.C"  

I think this exchange is hilarious.  I should also add that this Boy Classmate could not have been more polite in this entire interaction and high fives to him not only for great manners,  for his devotion to his beloved Penguins! 

BC:  Mrs. M, is it true that you are cheering for Boston?  

Me:  Well, I really just said that to be polite. 

BC: Oh. Okay, because I was worried and I thought we were going to need to have a talk.  

Me: (nods head) I see. (pausing dramatically)  Well who are you cheering for?  

BC: Pittsburgh. 

Me: Well maybe I should cheer for Pittsburgh too. That's where my brother lives. 

BC:  Ya, (very sincerely)I think that's a good idea Mrs. M. (long pause) Especially since your brother lives there.

Me: Thanks for settin' me straight B.C

BC: No problem Mrs. M.  

So there you have it! 
Go Pens Go!  


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