May 30, 2013


It'll be pretty quiet here at the blog for the next couple of days. 

Everyone is working very hard to do their best and complete their booklets.  

We're all looking forward to Garfield's birthday in the next week or so as a way to celebrate our wonderful achievements this year and most importantly, our completion of EQAO! It'll be all about the orange and black that day. Former students tell me it's one of their most favourite days of the school year!  

To make the most of our time, we're not writing in our agenda this week.  Students know they are expected to read for 40 minutes a night, sleep well and bring a large lunch. Students know they must also get their agenda signed and show me any notes from home. Our focus really is on doing our very best in the event we've trained 36 weeks for.  

Please check back in on Monday for new posts. 


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