May 08, 2013

We walked to Mass today (and we're pooped!)

We had a really nice walk to Mass today. I can't tell you what pleasure it brings me to walk with such a responsible and cooperative group of children. 

I reminded the kids of the rules: 

  • we walk quickly across the streets, but don't run
  • we don't hold hands while crossing streets
  • we stay off our neighbour's lawns 
  • we walk in pairs or in threes
  • we walk quickly, to keep the group moving along, but we're not in a rush 

Then we did a few safety checks: 

  • are your laces tied?
  • are you wearing your hat (if you brought one?) 
  • got your partner(s)?  

And we were off! There and back without incident.  

What a nice way to spend the morning. 

Father John delivered a beautiful Homily about how faith needs to be shared. He compared it to education and told us all that if we don't share our knowledge, we don't learn and grow. It was the perfect message for the Spring season.  

Every year around this time, I watch with patience and excitement as my ferns come back in my garden. They spread, and every year, more and more fern-babies come back.  This year, there's too many to count! They're hiding all over the place in my garden! Without spreading and sharing, my fern babies would have remained at the original one or two I bought years ago. I don't quite understand how it all works down there underground, but somehow my ferns share too.I love those little plants. No one quite understands my enthusiasm for them, but they make me happy.    

Something about Father John's Homily reminded me of how sharing enriches so many aspects of our lives. Ferns, knowledge, cookies, love and faith, if we don't share and spread good things, we don't grow.  

Fern Babies! 


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