June 19, 2013

Partner Writing!

Earlier in the week, prior to watching the last Boy and Girl Classmate video, I asked the boys and girls to work with their elbow partner and create a Venn Diagram about what the two characters might do over the summer.

Students needed to reflect on their prior knowledge of these characters and really have a good think and be able to rationalize their  ideas.  

Venn Diagrams are hard to draw and even harder to draw on a large scale, so I asked students to instead make a chart. This would make it much easier for them to organize their information. 

After they completed their charts, we hung them up in the room and I asked everyone to have a walk-about and read one another's work.

I'm so pleased with how this activity went! Everyone was on task and discussing, in a really meaningful way, what should and should not go on the chart.  

I'm sorry my camera skills are not very good here. The video is a little shaky and I suggest you do not watch it in "full screen" mode. Shaky yes, but boy is it ever fun to watch them interact with each other this way.  

Partner Writing (walk about)  


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