June 04, 2013

Social Studies update

Today in Social Studies, we reviewed what we've learned thus far: 

  • the difference between urban and rural communities 
  • the features of road maps and street maps
  • how scale is used on a map to help the reader understand the distance between places 
After this, we moved on to the focus of today's lesson, which was the difference between wants and needs.  

The screen shots below show the key information covered today.  

One Boy Classmate asked how much it would cost to stay for a night at Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta. Learning about the Chateau was part of our cross-Canada look at how our environment helps to shape industry.  

We googled the rate for one night at the Chateau.  

Um...from what we could tell, they start at $439.00.  

Their reaction was pretty funny and I think that was the rate for one person too. I think they were louder about this than they were on Friday when we hooted and hollered about finishing our booklets. They were literally falling out of their seats with shock! 


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