September 25, 2013

A Math Update

We have gotten an awful lot covered in the first 17 days of school. Some has been simply the start-up review work that's necessary to get everyone back on track and some has been from Unit One of the Math Makes Sense program. I do this throughout the school year for two reasons:  

  1. So parents and families know where we're at in terms of our unit of study.
  2. So parents can review each item with their child as extra home practice 

Here's what we've covered thus far: 

  • a review of simple addition and subtraction strategies 
  • we've looked at some of the patterns on a hundreds chart -here is a helpful video made last year that demonstrates what we're looking for when we ask children about patterns on a hundreds chart
  • we've talked about how a hundreds chart is very helpful when adding and subtracting 
  • how to "build" numbers using base-ten blocks
  • identifying even and odd numbers (we have a song for this!) 
  • estimating a number's position on a number line (e.g. "This number line runs from 10-20, where would 15 go?")
  • ordinal numbers 
  • we've started learning a song to help us remember how to count by threes which assists with multiplication skills. 

Here is a copy of a hundreds chart to assist with home practice of the above skills. 


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