September 15, 2014

We had a guest on Friday!

We are loving reading the book called, There's a Boy in the Girls Washroom by Louis Sachar. In the story, the main character, Bradley Chalkers, has a lot of difficulty in life.  He is having trouble managing his behaviour, his school work and his relationships. Life is hard for Bradley and he seems to be his own worst enemy at times.  

On the suggestion of his teacher, Bradley begins visiting with his school counselor named Miss Davis. She is incredibly patient and very compassionate. In fact, it's her patience that brings about a change in Bradley's behaviour.  

On Friday, we had a visit from our own "Miss Davis". Mrs. Dawson, our school's Child and Youth Counsellor was in to visit with my students to talk about how she supports the boys and girls at our school. 

It was so wonderful when Mrs. Dawson came in and all the boys and girls already had an idea about what a wonderful and helpful person she must be. She explained a bit about her role here at our school and we got the impression that just like Miss Davis, she makes a big difference in the lives of many people. 

We were a warm and friendly audience for our very first special guest, and I hope everyone enjoyed learning about the important work Mrs. Dawson does at our school.


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