September 05, 2014

Happy Fun Friday!

We had a terrific first Fun Friday! We learned (in a very entertaining way, I might add) all about the different types of manners: 
  • Healthy manners
  • Classroom manners 
  • Friendship manners 
  • Food manners 
  • Family and Home manners 
We watched some funny cartoons from the Hoops and Yo-yo website and played a really "Password"-type game where everyone was able to demonstrate good sportsmanship and friendship. We also had indoor recess this afternoon due to the heat, which gave the boys and girls a great opportunity to play with some of the games and toys I have in my classroom. It was fun to watch them interact with each other and enjoy the time together.  

You can see the videos we watched here. Our favourite was the one about how to open a door. We watched that one several times!

And of course, it wouldn't be a Fun Friday without Full House on the Smartboard at lunch. We watched the episode where little Stephanie accidentally cuts off Uncle Jesse's hair. We won't be able to watch every episode this year, but I've chosen 40 or so of them from the show's eight seasons that present especially positive messages and are in line with the themes we'll cover as part of our Religion program. 

Thank you again to all the boys and girls for a great first week of school! 


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