September 20, 2013

I just couldn't get a break today!

As you know, I hit the jackpot with a great group of kids to spend the next 10 months with, but lemme tell you, my electronics FAILED me today!

A laptop that was freezing (shakes fist at Windows 8) and a DVD player that decided that today was *thee* day to call it quits, it looked like our Fun Friday was in trouble. And this, ironically, after I had joked with parents last night about how hard I would find life without my technology! Oh the Seinfeld episode that was my day!

One thing that didn't let me down was my terrific class. I asked them to read for a few minutes while I sorted things out and contemplated launching my dvd player out the window to the dumpster, and sure enough, within ten minutes, we had a contingency plan in place, but let me tell you...I think from now on, on Fun Fridays, I'm gonna make sure I have me some good ol' fashioned board games just in case!   

Thanks to all the boys and girls for a terrific third week of school.  I'm loving getting to know you all and we are off to a great start.  It's a little crazy, Mom and Dad, just how fast this trip goes, so I hope you're having a ball too!  

If you were unable to attend Curriculum Night last night, I'll post a little something for you over the weekend.  


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