September 26, 2013

One Cool Friend

As we carry on through our study of "What good readers do", we talk a lot about how good readers ask good questions.  
On Wednesday, I gave each child a Post-it Note and asked them to join me on the carpet for a story.  

The story was called One Cool Friend. It's a great book and you really need to be on your toes from the start in order to fully appreciate it.  

Just before we got to the end of the book, I stopped reading and asked the boys and girls to consider two questions they had about the story.  

I was THRILLED with the results!

We generated some really rich and thoughtful questions.  

After a few more experiences with Post-it Note questions, we're going to move on to something called a Reading Response letter. Writing questions in this manner is step one toward that goal and the students did a fantastic job!  

You can read a


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