September 05, 2013

Sometimes I get a good feelin' :)

"I had a wonderful day and I hope you have a great evening Mrs. M" 

That's the comment I received from one of my students as we were saying our goodbyes today and did it ever make me smile. What a terrific way to end the third day of school. 

It's funny. Tomorrow is our first Fun Friday and our theme for the event is "Good Manners".  I have a bunch of funny videos and games to play with the kids that focus on respect, kindness and courtesy. We don't really need to discuss manners though. As I mentioned last night, this is a very polite group of children (as evidenced by that departing comment this afternoon!).  I think we'll still have a great time tomorrow even though we all have outstanding manners! Can I also just mention that the boys and girls are exceptionally thoughtful? There's a whole lotta helping each other out with the chair tucking and the pencil dropping! 

Our first Fun Friday together is always a great opportunity to set the stage for what's to come in the year ahead and judging by the first three days, I think the next 39 weeks are going to be terrific! 


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