September 11, 2014

Spelling Inventory

I had the boys and girls complete a Spelling Inventory today so that I can learn more about them as spellers and at the same time, the various spelling patterns we'll need to focus on in the weeks ahead during our Word Study lessons.  

The "test" is out of 26. If a child scored less than 20, I'd like to give them an opportunity to practice at home and rewrite the test on Monday. 

Sometimes all students need is a little refresher and then they're back on track. If students are still not as successful as they would like to be on Monday, after the rewrite, I'll create lessons where we focus on spelling the common errors that were made.  

The Inventory is from a resource called, Words Their Way and the test provides an overview of many common spelling patterns (e.g. to change "try" to "tries", you have to drop the letter y and add -ies) It's through practice, memory and asking ourselves, "Hey does this word look right?" that we start to catch these errors ourselves. We all know that spellcheck will find these mistakes in essays, resumes and reports in later years, but if children don't have a foundation for spelling now, their reading comprehension is at risk. 

My goal is for each child to achieve at least 22/26 on the Inventory.  

A copy of the words can be found here.  


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