September 03, 2013

The First Day of School!

We had a spectacular day today! It was just awesome! I don't know where the time went but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. I have a wonderful group of boys and girls who are very eager to get rollin' and show what they know.  

I want to share with you some of the routines and expectations we covered today and ask that you review them with your child as well so that the transition into the new school year is as smooth as can be. 

Here's what we covered: 

  • we shake hands before we come into the room in the morning
  • we bring our lunches into the classroom in the morning and we park them in the "parking lot" 
  • we copy our agendas first thing in the morning and we copy exactly what Mrs. M writes on the board (we'll actually do this tomorrow-today's agenda is a note from me) 
  • we earn table points by getting our agenda signed each night and by doing other great things in our classroom 
  • Thursdays are double points day! 
  • we tuck in our chairs for safety whenever we get up from our desks
  • we're welcome to bring in refillable water bottles to leave at school
  • we need indoor shoes
  • we use each other's names when speaking 
  • we take care of books and store then in our book baskets that are shared by the other table group members
  • we don't doodle on our learning materials, including the agenda
  • when Mrs. M writes us a note in our agendas, we always write back (that's a note that I write to the child) 
  • we wash our hands after each recess
  • we respect the "Teacher Zone" 
  • the Student of the Day is a very busy person! Everyone gets to be Student of the Day, we work alphabetically by first name through the class.  
As  you can see, we got a lot covered today. I'm sure the kids are pooped and will sleep very well tonight. 
Parents, please have a look through the pages at the top of the blog for important information concerning my class and what you can expect for the year ahead.



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