September 04, 2013

The second day of school!

What a terrific day it was! 
Just about everyone has their indoor shoes and thank you so much for your support in this. A clean learning environment sends an important message to the boys and girls about work ethic and expectations. When we take pride in the way our classroom or workspace looks, we take pride in the work we do in that space.  So thank you again. 

We had our first Math lesson today. The boys and girls learned all about how to use a hundreds chart to help them with addition and subtraction.  I've posted a printable copy of the chart for use at home here.

We're also talking about what good readers do. Our focus this week is on the basics: 

  • how to take care of books in our class library 
  • making good book choices 
  • making a movie in your mind while you're reading or being read to 
Some of the routines we covered today were:

  • what to do when you need a pencil or your pencil has broken 
  • we wash our desks after lunch each day
  • how to copy our agendas/hand them in
  • where we put "mail" for our teacher
  • how to properly shake hands with someone
  • what's "Evening Meeting"?  
I know we're just two days into our journey together, but one thing that has really left an impression on me is how polite the boys and girls are. If you were a fly on the wall in our class, all day long you would hear, "Thank you Mrs. M" and "You're welcome Mrs. M" over and over. I'm really looking forward to our year ahead.  When you are surrounded by so much courtesy and respect, everyone wins and great things happen.  


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