September 01, 2013

Well now, this is pretty funny

Last year, somewhere between September and December, I delivered my Math lesson on how to round numbers.  Not sure why or how, but at some point prior to the lesson, I came up with this idea to take things up a notch. To demonstrate how to round a number, we usually use a bus stop analogy. We talk about how if a child lives at house #21 and the bus stops at house #20 and house #30, which stop does it make more sense to get off at? It's a great lesson that really makes the concept crystal clear for kids. To make it more fun, I use the kids in a little demonstration and we all pretend we're on the school bus together trying to decide which stop makes the most sense to get off at.  

So last year, I made the bus a monster truck school bus and we had so much fun with this. It was probably one of the most hilarious and memorable lessons of the year. I mean seriously, can you imagine waiting at the bus stop for your ride and a monster truck shows up, ladder drops down for you to climb in and off it rumbles to school? 

To my surprise, I then found this great clipart online and made each child a new name plate for their desks. It became our little inside joke.  After all, it's not everyday you walk into a classroom and see that each child has, of all things, a monster truck, name plate. Most teachers, myself included, tend to go with something with a higher "cute factor". 

I often talk about how we're like a little family in Room 208 and our monster truck math lesson was one of those family moments.  

So fast forward to this morning when, during my Sunday morning pinterest/coffee time, I come upon this little gem.  

I hope that all my little family members from last year get as much a kick out of this as I did!  

See you all soon! 
Love, Mrs. M 


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