September 17, 2013

What do good readers do?

Have we covered a lot in just 11 days!  
You'll recall that we're working our way through the "First 20 Days of Reading" from the Fountas and Pinnell book called, Guiding Readers and Writers.  

We are moving through things very nicely. I'm really pleased that we're pretty much on track in terms of the 20 day plan. We're approaching the stage where things will slow down a bit and that's when we talk about how good readers write about their reading. We'll likely spend a week or two on that one idea. 

Here's what we've covered so far: 
  • good readers take good care of books
  • good readers return books to the correct spot in our class library
  • readers choose books for a variety of reasons
  • good readers can read a variety of books at one time (e.g. 2 fiction, 1 non-fiction, a comic book and a magazine) 
  • good readers make book choices according to their reading levels (we always aim for "just right" books) 
  • good readers know that reading is thinking
  • good readers ask questions about what they are reading (part of that idea that reading is thinking) 
  • good readers know how to "buzz" with their neighbor without disturbing others 
  • sometimes good readers need to abandon books for a variety of reasons (too easy, too hard,boring, too many characters, etc.) 
  • good readers make a movie in their minds while  they are reading or being read to 
  • good readers can use the pictures in a story to help them to know how to read the text 


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