October 08, 2013

A Math Update

We had a great Math lesson but I'll be honest here, I didn't do a whole lotta teachin'!  The boys and girls worked together in partners to solve a number of problems using their base-ten blocks.  One problem to solve was this guy: Make the number 315 using only 36 blocks. If students didn't know the meaning of the phrase "exactly 36" they do now!  

They also had to solve another, more challenging problem and the strategies were really impressive.  
The problem went like this:

Mrs. Linse wants to buy 1000 seeds. 
They come in packages of 50. 
How many packages of seeds will Mrs. Linse need to buy?
Explain your thinking (we call it "EYT" for short) 

I was really pleased with how this went today. Each pair of kids first warmed up their mental math skills on the Ipads and then off we went to solving these problems. It was a very productive and focused afternoon.  


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