October 07, 2013

A Social Studies update

Talk about terrific! This morning we had our Social Studies lesson. Today was the first time the boys and girls would complete their Learning Journal on their own.  They receive a 20 or so minute lesson and then from there, they must record three interesting facts they learned, along with one question they still have.  
The goal is for children to write compound sentences. Instead of writing: 

One interesting thing I learned is that the women planted the three sisters.  

We'd like them to write something along the lines of: 

One interesting thing I learned is that the women planted the three sisters, which were corn, beans and squash.

I am thrilled that we are well on our way to achieving this goal! The quality of the work that the boys and girls are producing is outstanding.  

One area that we are continuing to work on is making better use of our No-Excuse word list (on their desktop) and our Word Wall words. As we have more writing experiences, no doubt the boys and girls will get into the habit of checking those two places for frequently misspelled words.  

I did not expect for all students to get rolling so quickly and confidently on this task so I'm extra pleased that everyone is able to make great use of their class time and write some very interesting sentences so early in the year!



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