October 24, 2013

A Thursday Update

We had a very productive day today! Now that we've written a Reading Response Letter (RRL) together as a class, it's time for the boys and girls to write their own.  We read the story called The Lotus Seed by Sherry Garland. It's a wonderfully written story with many, many opportunities for thick-questions.  

We stopped three times throughout the story to record our questions on our Post-it Notes and tomorrow we'll begin writing our letters.  

In Math, we learned about six key strategies for subtraction. The s'mores method is really all about drawing a picture and crossing out the number being subtracted. I'm all about making Math delicious, so s'mores it was.  

And a big thanks to Mrs. Linse, for the highlight of our day!!! We visited Mrs. Linse's room where she read the boys and girls the inspiration story for tomorrow's art lesson! A great story called, Boogie Bones! Then, because she's an awesome teacher, Mrs. Linse let everyone practice their own boogie-moves with this great video! 


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