October 17, 2013

Answer key for Math Practice Test

Given that this first Math unit is huge and very long, I can appreciate that some parents might be feeling confused about just what is covered on tomorrow's Math test. The practice test posted last weekend is all the preparation students require. If a child can complete all sections successfully, they'll do very well on the real thing.
I can assure you that moving forward, all of our units are neat and tidy and packaged up nice and tight. This unit feels a bit clunky. Most units usually take about two weeks to go through and they are always accompanied by just one set of workbook pages. This unit was broken down into three booklets. The first was a booklet of review pages to get the year rolling. The second and third related directly to the expectations for Unit 1. Because I was still getting to know my students and their Math skills, we completed tasks in a variety of ways. Some were paper pencil, others were hands on activities and some were done together as a class.  This served two purposes: 1) it helped me get to know where my students were at in terms of their skills and 2) it helped me determine how students worked together during less structured times (when they were doing partner math or hands-on activities). 

I've been working hard over the last few years to shift my focus in Math to more hands on problem solving and less "simple computation", so even though there will be a workbook for the next 10 or so units, not all questions will be completed in it.  There will be lots of opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills in different ways (e.g.  hands on activities, interactive Smartboard activities, etc.) 

A parent had requested some clarification on expectations for a few of the answers on the practice test and I thought this was a great idea. I've attached the answer key for this test to assist with studying tonight. I don't think this will be necessary for all tests; we can go unit by unit and see, but I think it's going to be especially helpful for the first one. 

For the sake of time, I did not draw the base ten blocks for the chart in Part 5. I think it's pretty straight forward. I apologize for any typos or errors I've made. This was a great idea and I wanted to get it online as soon as possible. 


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