October 28, 2013

What's Math Message?

You know how we do Morning Message right? Well, it was taking a little too long in the morning. It's a really rich and meaningful exercise that combines both Literacy and Math, but by the time we got through it, we were looking at 40 minutes.  So I decided over the weekend to split it up. Starting today, we're going to have two messages: a Morning one that focuses on Literacy and also tells the kids what's on the agenda for the day and then a "Math Message" in the afternoon, to kick off the Math lesson.  

The Math Message will be a bunch of quick (30-45 second) slides/activities on the Smartboard where we review a few key skills, discuss the learning goals and then get rolling on the lesson. It went really well today and I can see it being more effective this way. In the photo below, you can see we had two main learning goals and then the third, the one about clockwise/counter-clockwise, that came from one of the "Math Message" activities.    


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