November 07, 2013

Things teachers get excited about...

So we've started our third Reading Response letter. It's based on the book called Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting. The boys and girls received their feedback letters from their second RRL (The Lotus Seed, also by E.B).

We've talked a lot lately about the word implement. Students know that when I ask them to "implement the feedback you've been given", they have an important responsibility on their plates.  

I'm excited to read these next RRLs for two reasons: first, I love this book because it poses so many opportunities for thick, juicy questions and second, I love seeing how kids have used my feedback to improve their work. It's exciting to watch this all come together.  

I'll send home the entire Writer's Notebook (it's a binder actually) in the next week or so and you can have a look through all the interesting things we've worked on. There's not a ton of stuff, I'm a quality versus quantity kinda gal, but it's good stuff. Really good.  

After this RRL, we'll move on to more creative type stuff. We're right on track in terms of where I like to be this time of year, so that pleases me even more.  


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