October 21, 2016

Unit 2 Practice Test

The boys and girls will write their Unit 2 Math test on Thursday October 27. Below, please find a link to an older, but useful Practice Test.  The Practice Test is a very good friend of the real one and should assist students in preparing for Tuesday.   

Please also check your child's zippy on Friday for the study guide/checklist that will also assist in preparing for the test. 

It is important for students to be able to identify the operation required to solve the word problems. They need to look for "clue words" that tell them to add or subtract. We've talked a great deal about "clue words" lately.  

Problem #10 on the test deals with rounding numbers. This won't be on the test. Students will learn about rounding in a separate mini-unit. 

Please do not return the test to school for marking as this is for practice purposes only. 

Unit 2 Practice Test

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