November 28, 2013

We had a Math quiz today!

We had a Math quiz today where students had to demonstrate two skills: 

  • they had to describe the difference between parallel and intersecting lines 
  • they had to describe a shape based on the angles they see 
The quiz will come home on Friday to be signed. Here's a copy of a quiz with two "level four" responses.  

I was pleased with the results of the quiz. Students are very good at explaining the difference between parallel and intersecting lines.  The boys and girls did quite well with the second part of the quiz too (identifying angles) but I think we still need a little bit more practice reviewing our work to make sure we've identified all the angles shown.  

Quizzes are great because they help teachers to determine where we need to focus our instruction while the unit is unfolding. Small quizzes like these are a win-win for everyone: I learn where my students are in terms of what's being taught and they get to show off what they know. If they have a disaster of a quiz, it's really not that big of a deal, provided it's part of a series. With the results, I can then determine what our next steps are. Sometimes it means we fly through certain lessons and other times it means we focus on our areas of need.  

Here's that level four sample. Please look for the quiz to come home Friday.  


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