November 20, 2017

What's your angle?

In Math on Monday, I introduced the three types of angles to the boys and girls. This was our first lesson of our Geometry unit.  
We'll spend a few days on this, but here are some photos that kids can use for home review.  Sadly, I no longer have the poster pictured below, but here's a video I made after school on Monday. It's a review of the lesson I taught. Both items will help support what the boys and girls have learned in class. 

You're only a few letters away from getting this all wrong. 

The Right Angle is the most smug of all the angles.
 He thinks he's so perfect.  

The Aww-cute angle is just that, he's tiny and adorable. 

The Obtuse angle doesn't do well in quiet places. He's has a big mouth.
 On the other hand, he's fun at football games.  


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