December 07, 2013

Extra Practice Problem!

The data from our survey shows that 52 people voted. It also shows: 

  • 18 people chose shopping
  • 7 people chose skiing
  • 27 people chose at home with a bag of chips
Here is your challenge: 
You must keep chips in first place, shopping in second and skiing in third.  What are some different ways the results could work still using 52 voters, but changing up the data itself?  

If your parents give you permission, you can write your answer in the comments box below or, if you prefer, you can write it in your agenda.  


  1. Hi Mrs. Mihalides.
    I have three solutions for you.

    25 At home with chips
    19 Shopping
    8 Skiing

    30 At home with chips
    16 Shopping
    6 Skiing

    25 At home with chips
    20 Shopping
    7 Skiing

    I hope you like my answers.
    From Alexandra

    1. Great job Alexandra! :)
      Thank you for sharing your answer!



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