December 11, 2013

Good readers notice things

Is this a good idea? 
Should I really be blogging about something that I haven't done with the kids yet? Surely there is something I need to be photo copying before the kids get here!

Well, I have a few minutes this morning, so I'm going to share with you what we'll be discussing in the Morning Message today.  Good readers notice things (notice the double "s" in the photo below. Let's see if the kids spot it!) 

Good readers know when a story falls off the rails. They pay attention to their own comprehension. They don't just read words, they connect them and create meaning.  When they can't make meaning, they go back and re-read to find where things fell apart. 

I wrote this little paragraph in the photo this morning and I'm going to ask the kids where their comprehension broke down so that we can talk about the importance of doing a self-check while reading to make we understand the text. I also want to demonstrate for them how we go back and look for the precise spot where it broke down. 

It should be interesting!  I purposely made the weird words in the story easy to break into chunks so that kids could use their decoding skills to figure out how to say them.

Let's see how they do!

Wait...spell check didn't highlight "combatulator". Is that a real thing???  


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