December 11, 2013

Oh Mrs. Claus, you fun lovin' gal!

See, this is what you miss when you're not in Room 208.  Did you know that on Christmas Eve, Mrs. Claus is one busy gal?  

I gave the boys and girls a procedural writing assignment this morning. The question was: What does Mrs. C do on Christmas Eve?  

We've been working so hard on paragraph writing, it was time do have some extra special fun! Mrs. C is very busy on Christmas Eve! You should hear about some of the things she does! I read every child's idea web today and my oh my, what a talented and busy lady she is.  She entertains the reindeer, makes turkeys and pies, plays chess and even manages to squeeze in some shopping, all on December 24th!   

Students will bring home their paragraphs to share around the Christmas dinner table in a few days. I'm sure everyone will be entertained!  


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