January 17, 2018

Math Unit 5: Data Management

It's time to talk data!

We're learning all about data management in this next Math unit. Today's lesson was a look at how we interpret data (we even used that word: interpret

We'll also explore the difference between what we can interpret from data and what we observe or notice on a graph. So we might observe that the graph is a bar graph and the bars are yellow, but when we interpret data, we have to do a little bit of math. For example, in the bar graph below, one can interpret that 9 chocolate chip cookies were left over after the bake sale.  

I've attached a document taken directly from the teacher support materials for the Math Makes Sense program that outlines our learning goals and big ideas for this unit.

Unit 5 Big Ideas and Learning Goals

Here's a quick video tutorial for the boys and girls on the difference between interpreting and observing/noticing.  


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