February 26, 2014

Alliteration and a common spelling mistake

We had some fun in Morning Message today learning about alliteration. Alliteration is the repetition of sounds or letters at the beginning of a series of words. 

Here is the example I shared with the kids: 

Luca is a lucky lad. He loves lolly-pops, licorice and lettuce. He lives in Luckytown where he walks his dog, Lucy late at night. His lovely parents are Larry and Linda. 

To get the ol' engines fired up, I asked each pair of children to choose the name of a character to write a mini-paragraph using alliteration.  

We had soooo much fun with this! I can't wait until Fun Friday this week when the kids will draw the wacky alliteration characters they created!  

We also talked about the ending -tion. A common spelling mistake among primary students is to write: shun. We talked about how the word shun means to avoid or ignore.  We also talked about how writing "shun" when we mean "tion" can be a tell-tale sign that third-graders haven't proofread their work thoroughly. ;)


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