March 24, 2014

A great conversation!

We began our review of Unit 6 today in preparation for the test on Thursday and we had one of those awesome moments where one great lesson leads to another. 

We were discussing the importance of using the unit of measurement when describing temperature, mass and capacity. 

From there, we stared talking about how we measure food in terms of energy. That led us to a very interesting discussion about calories and how many calories are in certain foods. The boys and girls were surprised to learn that in one day (on average) they should consume between 1300 and 1700 calories.  

Then we broke that down into just what that looks like.  We talked about one donut being equal to about three apples and being careful not to drink all our calories via sugary drinks and soda pop. 

It was an fantastic discussion! Everyone was so engaged and interested in learning more. I think we'll continue our conversation in the future!


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