March 04, 2014


We've moved on to capacity in our Measurement Unit.  

So far we've covered the following in Unit 6: 

  • the calendar
  • time
  • money 

We had a really great time learning about how capacity is all about what a container holds.
We went "grocery shopping" and looked at a number of containers and their measurements. We used milk cartons to demonstrate some common capacities.  We joked that without containers to hold our foods, yogurt and pudding would be very messy to eat, let alone pack in our lunches! 

Today's lesson was a continuation of yesterday's lesson about the litre and the millilitre.  
Here's what we covered/discussed: 

  • what does a litre look like? 
  • a litre of liquid will fill four of our classroom cups 
  • when we want to write "one litre" we write: 1L  
  • there are 1000 millilitres in one litre 
  • a quarter of a litre is 250 mL   
  • a tear-dropper holds 1 mL of liquid  
  • a bathtub holds 250 litres of water
I was really pleased to see the boys and girls using their counting by fours song to help them solve problems such as "If you had two litres of chocolate milk, how many classroom cups could you fill?"  

We'll continue our capacity/mass talk when we return from the March Break.
Memorizing this photo/fact is essential for
students to solve a number of problem solving situations
in this unit. 


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